Can we have greater freedom in Art?


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Can the art at your home remind you of the freedom that you have always wanted?


The kind that you will look at and immediately feel a sense of spaciousness.


A sense of liberation…


A sense of serenity …


And yet, not being alone.


Sometimes, you will have to speak to someone so that we can help you create the piece of art that can best represent your sense of freedom to remind yourself of your worth.

Email: info(AT) or





Life is not just black and white.


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Latest collection coming our way.


I think it will take alot of inner strenght to create such boldness.


Find it …


within you and keep it as an artwork to constantly remind yourself that it takes courage to live the life as you want.


It is not just black or white. But a form of movement and engery that we need embrace.




Speak to us if you are ready to commission an artwork Centrepiece @ forth or email: info(AT)

Art speaks – about our life, about the things we experience.


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Art with a social cause.


We are a co-operative that works with artists directly.

Collection of art works are directly from artist. Our artist will do their own media publicity and promotion of their art pieces.

Artworks accepted at our space are with social commentary and for social causes only. We believe that art can and will be part of the change that society needs to be more beautiful.

Contact : if you want to find out more or email to me if you are an artist. Our space is strictly by appointment only.