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With the Glass Art installation exhibition, the gallery drew guest that normally do not look at glass as an art form. Thus the interest level was high, which led to the packed opening reception.


People were feeling an excitement in Art that comes from walking into the space. And not to mention the exceptional cocktail that was concocted by Jane especially for this event. It was a high after another:) It was not until 1015pm that we have to start hinting of our closing time.


There was an constance flow of people that came and was impressed by the whole new look of the space curated by B. Jane Cowie. It was filled with a sense of fragile charm that is gently basked in soft lighting. “i have never seen forth in better light, very impressive!” says artist Zech Goh.


Fragment is something we will have to experience in the space itself.


Exhibition runs till 8th June 08.



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