CATMASUTRA ~ imagine-Nation

A solo exhibition by Paul Koh

Opening Reception:

6 August 7pm


About the Exhibition:

Singapore is considered one of the most efficient countries in the world. Just as this systematic efficiency has brought us success, it has also left an indelible imprint on our subconscious, where “truth” is validated in terms of a prescribed path to success and happiness. This exhibition, imagine-Nation, asks us instead to look within, to listen to our own thoughts for a change, letting them grow so we can consciously choose the path that we really want to take. It attempts to expose our collective delusions about the “pre-programmed” nature of our life, and our prescribed notions on the best way to live.

Using the Catmasutra cats in social and surreal settings, this collection aims to provoke thoughts about the lives in our urbanized city in a quirky and irreverent way. References from popular and local culture are used and weaved as a counterpoint to the themes of each painting. The essence of the Catmasutra cats is based on their eyes-wide-shut, ear-to-ear grin, which reflects a deep-seated childhood innocence cum devil-may-care bravado, and a healthy dose of self belief and unpretentiousness. This serves as the anchor for all Catmasutra paintings.


 Obedience School 101

With the gahmen so pervasive in our daily lives, through the various institutions (from the education system, the housing system, the transport system, the army, the media, the utilities…), that it’s a wonder if we can really find ourselves. In most cases, we ‘re all so caught up in the Singaporean lifestyle – loosely defined as the need to do well academically so that we can find a good job, so as to achieve stability and prosperity so as to get married in order to own a subsidised HDB flat (which is getting smaller and without any balcony), so as to have children before the marriage breaks down, so as to have the comfort of children in old age, before passing on… In all matters that have political or economic value, the gahmen does well. In other areas, it does not do so well as there is no real insight, empathy, will or motivation.

Absolutely Shiok!

Before you head over to read his speech (which I encourage everyone to)… think about the last sentence. If you know what that means now and are practicing it, then you’re already absolutely shioked or free. You already know your purpose in life. The next thing to do is to hold on to that purpose for dear life! It may change and morph and evolve, but it will be from the same source…

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