Frankie Saying Thank You aims to highlight not only Frankie’s works, but also show people that an ex-convict is still capable of giving back to the society with a good heart. It also aims to get support for Frankie as a young artist in the arts scene as well as support for his current health condition – being diagnosed with 3rd stage colon cancer and having no family support.

Tagging in-line with the theme of Family, Frankie’s drawings will mainly feature family portraits of actual families who have commissioned him to do the drawing. In addition, the exhibition will also feature some of the works he has done through the last few years. Some of these are drawings of political figures such as President S. R. Nathan and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

For a charity cause all of the funds collected will go to Frankie, to cover his medical and living expenses.

Please help Frankie by commissioning his drawings, not only you are supporting him, you are also helping Love Foundation whose mission is ‘To contribute to building a peaceful & better world by building a foundation of unconditional love within self, family, community and society as a whole.’

About Frankie

An ex-convict who served a jail term of more than 20 years, Frankie is turning 58 this year and unfortunately, is diagnosed with 3rd stage colon cancer. While serving his jail term, he learnt drawing with charcoal and lead. In order to complete these drawings, Frankie painstakingly hand-ground charcoal and pencil lead with the stick of a paintbrush before using cloth to spread the mix over paper. Charcoal was used as the pigment remained blacker for longer on paper while several shades of pencil lead were used in order to get the shades, which he required for his drawings. Frankie’s determination to get the tones right is evidenced by the fact that he had to remove the wood around the pencil lead by hand before beginning work.

From the 17th – 26th October 2008.

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