About The Exhibition:

Three young artists involved in the BODYPASS exhibition, create a dialogue between reality and the artists’ imagination, fantasy & dream through their figurative paintings.

Arron Teo searches for the ideal beauty in his mixed media paintings of sand lotus and oil glazed to celebrate a woman’s body. Nicholas Chai identifies with the body in two ways. He sees the body, not only as an object of desire but also as a figure of loneliness. Janice Chin questions, what lies beneath the façade of a person, presents a collection of contemplative figures and self-portrait in pastel and collage.

The BODYPASS exhibition is thus an exhibition that aims to identity, by providing the means to infiltrate into the artists’ inner-realm through the perception of the human body by means of their paintings, which resolve issues of reality.

About the Artist:

Arron Teo was bewildered with the ever-changing presentation of the woman body in mass media as the ideal beauty. The ideal is another form of imagination in his search for the ideal beauty in reality. Transforming images of woman seen in mass media into his imaginary realm known as Withered Paradise, he intends to prolong their existence as the ideal beauty in paintings while they fade away in reality.

Sand lotus and oil glazed bodies of women in unusual colors of red & blue hues fill up the imaginary Withered Paradise Series. Arron perceives sand lotus as the connection between reality and the paradise, transforming the ideal representation of woman body as the fairy-tale Thumbelina in his newly developed paintings.

About the Artist:

Nicholas Chai expresses his memories and desires in relation to loneliness. He seeks to make his audience more aware of the intimate and mundane nature of the passing of time, the time that we spent with people or alone in seclusion. He believes that our mind is most available for fantasy when we are dreaming and yearning.

In his ongoing series of work, Nicholas depicts moments whereby the objects of desire are fully engrossed in embrace. He attempts to reveal his subjects’ self-consciousness and, paradoxically, the insecurities they have with their own identity and coming to terms with their own sexuality. He intends the seductive palettes of red in his paintings to stir up sensuality that cannot be touched. Hence, all the more desired his subjects become.

About the Artist:

Janice Chin is interested in the urban condition and what lies beneath the façade of a person. Some of us judge people purely by appearance, or some will judge even without seeing them. Therefore, does the body really matter? Perhaps caring too much about this material body, and any happiness or sorrow it brings us is only illusion.

The colour scheme Janice chose for her dream-like atmosphere comes closer to capturing what is more real to her. Painting from the unconscious feelings which is neither real nor unreal, The Wanderer, The Seen and Adrift shows both reality and illusion, both logical and illogical, with surreal sense of searching and finding, of veiling and revealing, presence and absence. This is the grey area in the uncertainty of human’s mind: Neither real nor dream.


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