From the 28th November 2008 to 9th December 2008, ‘REMIX’ by Emmanuel Monzon will be exhibited at Forth Gallery.

‘REMIX’ will be the first exhibition that Mr Emmanuel Monzon will be having in Singapore, and he hopes to inspire the visitors as the come to view his works.
About the Exhibition:
“Emmanuel Monzon is a painter. However, what he exhibits under the form of a large painting format is an illusion, what he provides to see and declares being an original painting is no more than a reproduction. (The drawings, l’ekta or the digital file is kept by the artist) It is like an industrial project where the production stops at the first product sample.”

Monzon’s work is centered on two registers, on the one hand what can be called Personal Mythology: scenes of holidays, immediate entourage, daily summary, and; on the other hand, urban scenes, landscape sceneries, logo insertions, “branding” of artists, signs of everyday visuals or capture of images, thus not hesitating in remixing his own works within recent ones.

Since his debut, Emmanuel Monzon explores the field between the image and its reproduction. ‘REMIX’ is his third individual exhibition, and his first in Singapore.

About the Artist:
Emmanuel Monzon, a French born Artist, who currently resides in Singapore. He graduated from the Beaux Arts in Paris, with honours, and also holds a degree in Visual Arts. Since 1992, he has exhibited his works mainly in France and has also participated in several arts fairs and collective exhibitions. Monzon is considered to be part of a stream of artists that have recently since the 90’s worked on ‘Everyday Visuals’ based on utilising voluntarily modest means in contrast to the current high tech world.