Learn the art of Origami, craft your own piece of work, and bring your children to participate too!

Mobile Garden, an Origami exhibition brought to you by the collaboration of two international young artists, Mr. Kelvin Atmadibrata (Indonesia) and Miss. Rin Ioka(Japan) here in Singapore at Forth Gallery from 23th ¡V 30th December 2008.


The exhibition will feature various installation works ranging from Clovers to Baby’s Breath to this festive season’s Pine Tree (Christmas tree). Also, you will be able to see a display of 101 differently positioned and posed human figures folded from paper! Observe how a plain and cheap material such as paper can be transformed into an intricate 3D art.


Interact with the work and observe how they change according to lapse of time. Learn how to fold a chrysanthemum flower with a piece of paper together with your child step by step and see who did a better job. The chrysanthemum flowers will be left at the gallery as part of the exhibit and your participation. By folding, you are doing a good cause as each flower collected will have 10cents donated to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).


Origami is not just about paper folding or a mere craft, at the exhibition you will see the artists using various materials such as tissue, clay, metal to create their work. Rediscover and relive your childhood this festive season, experience the art of Origami like you never did.


About Kelvin and Rin

Currently doing his degree in NTU, Kelvin participated in various exhibitions including the ongoing Pameran Poskad 2008 and Apple On Canvas by Fill-Your-Walls Gallery. One of his similar installations was found in MAAD (Market for Artists and Designers) at Red Dot Museum earlier in June and also his A Levels Art Final Project. He has been folding since young and is fascinated by the transformation from 2D to 3D through the art of folding. He has been practicing with different kind of papers, ranging from origami papers to tissue and newspapers, making the cheap and plain materials look astonishingly beautiful. 


A full time kindergarten teacher, an artist focusing in installation works with clay and papers, Rin is also a vocalist from the band, KaRinBa. She has participated in many national level exhibitions in Japan and owns her own small cozy gallery in Nezu, Tokyo. A multi-talented young artist, she likes to combine the idea of teaching, singing and making art into her installation works.


During his trip to Japan this year, Kelvin met Rin at one of her exhibitions. Both artists shared the passion in the art of Origami and decided to stage a show in Singapore. Expressing themselves through Origami, their aim is to show people that Origami is not just a mere craft but also a work of fine art where you can put emotions into it, transforming what seems plain and boring into something beautiful and intricate. Both their works are unique and lets you rediscover what Origami is about other than just paper folding.


About Mobile Garden

The Origami based exhibition will be from 23rd ¡V 30th December 2008 at Forth Gallery. The artists will be around during the opening to share their inspiration and works with you. The opening reception is on 23rd December 2008, 7pm. Themed the Mobile Garden, floral works such as The Clover Field and Baby’s Breath will be displayed. Opened to Public and free admission, bring along your friends and family to enjoy the arts and learn how to fold too. Forth Gallery is located at 69A (2nd floor) Pagoda Street, Singapore 059228. Exit A of Chinatown MRT Station, towards the right above Bee Cheng Hiang. The gallery is opened from 11am ¡V 7pm daily except for Mondays and Public Holidays.