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Forth Gallery presents – style-cut featuring the mixed media of paintings, graphics, paper-cutting and origami where Nick Isa, a young talented designer in Singapore, combined art and fashion. Find out how to ‘dress to kill’ thru Nick Isa artworks and how famous artists / stylists / fashion designers made their statements on “style”.

Style-cut Define “style”. It is all about individual expression on how each individual want to project his/her image. Each image projected may be each individual concept of projecting mostly his/ her career, lifestyle, fantasy, expression, trends or even making a new ‘statement’ for other people to follow.


This is Nick Isa second solo exhibition in Singapore- having spending most of his time overseas from country to country, decided to do a collaboration exhibition with StyleHouse, an image consultant company that provide image consult, modeling and make-up services. He is also collaborating with another company called

“Veils & Laces” where custom made clothes and designs are possible to create. Nick Isa interest in fashion and art had made him more confidence to make this exhibition more interesting and successful.


Let Build and improve your wardrobe piece by piece!

Opening reception on 16th Jan 2009 at forth gallery.


pagoda street, chinatown Mrt exit A

tel:62227809 or email :sales@forth.sg

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