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About The Exhibition:
            Noun ; Figment ; something imagined rather than real
            This collection is essentially about immortalising certain special memories from their lives through the use of different art forms ranging from photography to abstract prints and pencil work.

             Photography is Jolene’s preferred medium of capturing her best moments in life because it allows the viewer to see the world through her eyes. The dreamlike quality of her works invites the viewer to be immersed into the photographs and be surrounded by a world of fictional reality.
            Melissa explores the different fragments of her growing up years and distils these inspirations through a wide spectrum of techniques ranging from pencil sketches, abstract prints to collage paintings. One distinct similarity amongst these works is her use of vibrant colours that depicts her realities of life.
About the Artist:
            Jolene has been taking photos for the past three years and is passionate about everything that relates to photography. She takes her camera with her wherever she goes and treats it as her right hand, her time machine, her sidekick that she uses to capture moments that can only be lived once.
            In this exhibition, she focuses on a collection of monochromatic shots that were taken during winter in Japan. A play with light and shadow, softness and harshness. More than just landscapes, nature, streets and people, although the photos stay the same, it’s how one perceives it that makes it different. She urges you to open up your mind and imagine, to give each capture a life of it’s own. To look deeper and find that things are actually more fiction that it is fact.


            Melissa is a student teacher, currently pursuing a Diploma in Art Education at National Institute of Education (NIE). She graduated with a diploma in art education from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2008.
            Always in the tick of the action, Melissa enjoys immersing her senses and sees the world through the eyes of graphic novels. Garnering inspiration from a wide range of media, her works showcase an array of medium and techniques that were explored and put into a collection. The main theme that links all her works together is time.
            Time has served as a transitional journey into her space and her life. This collection is a figment of that journey which Melissa has selected to share.

            So go on. Go fig.





50% of proceeds go to Charity and 50% directly to Artists.


When you buy a painting from the exhibition, you can either let us decide which charity to donate (either SPCA or Children Cancer Society for current show) of which receipts issued by them will be posted into our blog within a month after the event.


Or you can donate it to anyone of your choice, be it a charity or your religious beliefs, or even a love one. (Yes, we do trust you! 🙂 we just need a small note to let us know where it is going to.


Meet the artist on the opening reception on the

20th Feb 2009 at 6pm to 10pm.

at Forth Gallery, for more information and location www.forth.sg

and do sign up in our mailing list at www.forth.sg

call 62227809 forth gallery pte.ltd.