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“When little I was the artist in the building where I lived (Dubai), I proudly taught the kids in the building how to draw and helped them do their school projects that required a touch of art, and in return they made sure to get me nice coloring sets on my birthday, I guess my being the daughter of a great artist well known all around the middle east Nasr Abdul-Aziz made it easier for me to be recognized as an artist… and it wasn’t a hard decision to go to art school, first in Jordan then in Rome, although it was great experience I don’t think I really learnt any more than I could’ve learnt at home from my father whom I inherited my passion for oil paint from, another thing I share with my father is our inspiration and art critic my mother Siham who has a romantic eye for art, another passion of mine is kids story books which I illustrated a fare number of but still yet to write one… hopefully I will get the time to do so soon, After my studies I moved to Singapore, as a producer for Disney channel… still in Singapore but now I’m creating illustrations for both lifestyle and kids magazines and also animating kid’s drawings for Playhouse Disney channel. I work from my home, which I share with Mark, the lovely English man that I married, and our drama queen cat, Bella… ” RASHA.


Coming soon to Forth Gallery. Sign up in our mailing list at www.forth.sg to be invited to her opening reception on the 20th March 2009.

visit RASHA website at http://www.rashaillustrations.com/index.html mention Forth Gallery and you are entitled to a free frame when you acquire her artworks. (T&C applies)



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