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 16th-26th APR 2009






About the exhibition:

Using his consummate realist skill, Lotsu Manes weaves his fables of warning for the world around him in a tapestry of surreal social comment. Giant supermen lumber amidst bandaged worlds and golden piggybanks as Lotsu spins his allegories about the social and environmental inequities that surround him. Overarching themes include the rapacious siphoning of resources by the corrupt and powerful, the precarious inheritance of a battered planet for our young, and the tragedy of necessary migration of his countrymen.

His paintings do not sport the usually disjunctive, disoriented, or anti-aesthetic appearance that we commonly associate with the “contemporary look”, but his refuge in old-fashioned figurative realism could very well be the most ironic, radical act of defiance available to contemporary artists. As with his social agenda for a better tomorrow, this then is Lotsu Manes’ advocacy for a Paradigm Shift.


About the artist

Manes’ early recognition came when his entry for the 1996 Shell National Students’ Art Competition was awarded First Prize. Having obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Painting from the Philippine Women’s University in 1997,Lotsu was chosen in 2006 to become a member of an elite group of restorers in the country. As a senior apprentice for Art Conservation and Restoration Specialists (ACES) in the Philippines, Lotsu was privileged to have participated in the restoration of important works by National Artists Jose Joya and Carlos ‘Botong’ Francisco, and even the famed national treasure Spoilarium by Juan Luna. Lotsu has also participated in projects held by Tutok (an “initiative of visual artists formed in 2006”), where he has been an active and core member for the past few years.


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