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About the Exhibition


“This is for you!”  is about generosity and opening our heart to the less fortunate – we have local Buddhist artist to showcase their artwork based on Buddhist ideology. At the same time, their artworks are offer as homage because 30% to 50% of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to any Buddhist Organization of the collectors’ choice. This is our way of offering our artworks to pay homage to Buddha teachings.


“This is for you!” also remind ourselves that Life is precious and we should learn not to be too attached to material mean. It will present artworks done in the “Flower” & other theme. Flowers are beautiful both in appearance and smell but will eventually wilted away. The offering of flowers reminds Buddhist of the impermanence of things, an important teaching of the Buddha. The transformation reflex on Human Life is similar through the representation of Flower.



About the Artists


A group of various artists which include Koh Hwee Khoon who uses Buddhist Philosophy to create with bold Calligraphy stokes and flower such as Lotus to represent impermanence. And other artist Annabel Tay, Bianca  Ang and Ng Kok Wai use different philosophies to create their artworks and pay homage to Buddha’s teachings.


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