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mikyung invite copyAbout the Exhibition:

“A Flower Bush-Still Life” consists of combining two kinds of expression, paintings and small sculptures. The Flower Bush is inspired by the myth of Pandora’s Box, but in her work the artist Mikyung Oh replaced the box with a pair of constrained, attractive red high heels.


 About the Artist:

Mi-Kyung Oh is a Korean artist who was born in 1973. She studied Oriental Painting and Arts Theory in Ewha Women’s University and Hongik University, and is doing the works of painting, sculpture, installation and performance in Korea, Japan and Singapore. She is usually doing her works about the female body. She has approached the body from motherhood of the Oriental perspective and sexuality of the Modern Capitalistic society. She has studied the interpretation between the female body and space in East, and used myth, traditional subjects and events.






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