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Group show by Amihan, Angelo Tabije and Zean Cabangis

The exhibition runs till SUNDAY 19th JULY 2009.

About the Exhibition:
PROSPEKTS begins a new series of exhibitions co-organized with Kaida Gallery which introduces young contemporary Filipino artists into Singapore. PROSPEKTS 2009 brings together works from three painters, Amihan, Angelo Tabije, and Zean Cabangis, threaded together by their individual contemplations on the changing times.

A painter and a theater artist hailing from the Jumalon family of painters, Amihan’s works straddle the surreal and the foreboding: images of women, war, and medieval implements of violence, all shrouded in a scratchy mist. Disconcertingly ambiguous, Amihan’s images span issues of gender and identity, memory and reality, drawing out a sense of unease and a foreboding of violence.

Angelo Tabije’s paintings juxtapose images of hi-tech machinery and manufactured technologies over colonial images of pre-Hispanic and indigenous Filipinos. Gears, levers, and minute parts of the machine become elaborate headdresses, like grotesque artifacts from a lost civilization. A reflection on the role of technology and identity, Tabije’s paintings are concerned with our over-reliance on technology, to the point that society no longer recognizes how machines affect people and their environment.

Providing a counterpoint to Tabije’s warnings, Zean Cabangis’ work attempts to show that modern technology need not necessarily be a hindrance to art making or painting itself. Instead, it is an additional tool in creating more dynamic and inspiring works. Images are unified by a merging of computer-manipulated images and painterly techniques, such as dripping, washes, and splatters. The paintings manifest a seamless tension created by the duality between control and spontaneity, the digital and the painterly.



About the Artists:
Hailing from the Jumalon family of painters in Zamboanga City in Southern Philippines, Amihan has been in the local art scene for 20 years. She held a solo exhibition at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila in 2002 and has exhibited in various art spaces throughout the archipelago, including Zamboanga, Davao, Cagayan, Dipolog, Baguio, Bacolod, and Dumaguete.

Angelo Tabije graduated from the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts(BFA) and was awarded with distinctions at various national art competitions, most notably the Grand Prize (Oil/Acrylic Category) at the 6th Art Petron National
Competition in 2006. Tabije was also a Finalist in the 38th Shell National Art Competition (Oil/Acrylic category) in 2005, the 2007-2008 PLDT-DPC Telephone Directory Cover 21st Visual Art Competition, and the 7th Art Ptron National Student Art Competition (Oil/Acrylic category).

Zean Cabangis finished his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), majoring in Painting, at the UP College of Fine Arts, distinguishing himself upon graduation with the Most
Outstanding Thesis award and a Gawad Chancellor Award for Academic Acheivement in 2006. He has been part of numerous group shows, including the Shell National Students Art Competition as a Finalist in 2004, as well as exhibitions at Kaida Art Gallery, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Art Informal, and Pinto Gallery.

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