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Lee Kuan Yew VII-Acrylic & Ink on Canvas 152x122cm 2008                    Lee Kuan Yew VI-Acrylic & Ink on Canvas 122x91cm 2008

Singapore Guidance Angel 新加坡守护神 BY RICHARD LIM HAN 林汉

 About the Exhibition:

Singapore Guidance Angel 

3 years of my creative artworks, i have chosen “Human Figure” as my main source of inspiration. These figure are recent historical representative who are courageous and legendary. Their brilliant contribution to the world is respectable for all such as Gandhi from India, Mother Teresa, South Africa Nelson Mandela and China’s Chairman Mao Zhi Dong. Singapore Senior Minister – Mr Lee Kuan Yew also became my recent year human figure artworks aspiration.

After reading the Biogragphy of MM Lee Kuan Yew, i felt the sense of respect and admiration toward him. Not because he was our Prime Minister or  Minister Mentor but because of his patience & diligent of nurturing Singapore like his own child into an independent country known to the world. At 42 years old, MM Lee became the 1st Prime Minister in Singapore and have taken up the challenge with his intelligent, wit and sharp political judgement & strategy to make Singapore a Miracle. He had created the present strong, prosperous and independent country. On MM Lee, we can see the quality that make a outstanding leader.

He might have created a storm during his leadership years as Singapore Prime Minister but now even as he aged, he is still be guiding Singapore through the present economic crisis and will not even take his rest. To me, MM Lee is Singapore Guidance Angel and will continue to look over Singapore with his presence.


About the Artists:

An Artist specializing in modern and chinese paintings. His Father, Mr Lim Kok Yong, a well known artist from China, spurred his interests in calligraphy at a very young age.

Richard started his career as a fabric print designer. In 1998, he left his business to focus on being a freelance artist. Between 1998 to 2003, he visited Shaoxin, Hanzhou and Shanghai to rediscover his chinese roots and to improve his calligraphy and chinese stone seal craving skills. Richard works from his two private art studios in Shaoxin and Singapore.



三年来的创作里, 人像画是一块主要的组成拼图. 在我所选择探索创作的主人翁,大部分都是近代历史中伟大, 富有传奇性的人物. 他们的一生都是浪漫, 辉煌,所作所为, 都足以让人们肃然起敬, 普世楷模. 如印度圣雄甘地, 修女泰利莎, 南非的黑人领袖德拉,新中国的建国者毛泽东等等.新加坡资政李光耀先生是我近年来主要的创作对像.

我曾经拜读了李光耀资政的回忆录之后,我对李光耀资政有一种莫名的崇拜和敬仰.那不是因为他是一位总理或资政,我觉得他有一棵赤子之心.义无反顾的精神, 他为国为民费尽心思.在从政过程中也曾经冒险犯难与政敌和极端分子斗智斗勇.42岁成为新加坡第一任总理,挑起国家生死存亡的重担.以他的聪明与才智,敏锐的资治判断力和战略眼光创造了新加坡奇迹.一手塑造了一个富强独特的小国.在他的身上我们看到了伟人所俱有的各种优良品质他都拥有.

当年叱咤风云的李光耀资政现在也垂垂老矣,,岁月不留情, 英雄豪杰, 凡夫俗子都一样不能躲避生命的规律,但是不不管怎样, 这位快乐的老人所创造的国家可以永存,富强不息. 因为他是我们 新加坡的守护神,永远的守护神.守护这块幸福的土地.


林汉专于现代与中国画.他的父亲是中国著名画家也是鼓励和培养林汉从小写书法的兴趣.  汉开始是一位织布图案设计师.在1998年,他离开了他的生意专注于做一名自由画家.在1998到2003年之间,他去了绍兴,杭州和上海去寻根同时也学习与进修他的书法和篆刻.  现在他在新加玻与中国的绍兴都有自己的画室来作他的美术创作.


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