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Diner sur l'herbe - acrylic on wood, 90x90cm, 2009

Irrational Exuberance -  acrylic on canvas, 120X120cm, 2008 

Attendance at the exhibitions are FREE.

About the Exhibition

Forth proudly presents – COUNTERING CLAUSTROPHOBIA featuring the paintings of Kim Gravelle. In his exhibition, Kim uses a unique palette of colors and abstract shapes to express the more human, contemplative side of Singapore, one most probably don’t see in the course of daily existence. By blurring the boundary between form and color, foreground and background, he enhances the connectedness of life, and the complexity of human emotion.

Besides the colorful characters, Kim is also attracted by the dramatic coastal setting. The omnipresent background of hollow, still, container ships is eerie and reminds us that we are never completely alone – that Singapore is but a tiny Island in the middle of a busy body of water. And that despite your best efforts, there is no place to hide from the reach of an ever-more globalized world.

In this series, Kim moves away from traditional canvas in favor of plywood. He explains the decision by saying that, “the natural material helps me draw deeper connections with my subject matter. When I drill the surface, I create another dimension – more objective and geometrical than that which I am able to express with my paintbrush.”

Proceeds from the sale of the artwork will be donated to”Singapore Foundation of Rotary Clubs & Make A Wish Foundation Singapore”.

North East Monsoon - acrylic on wood, 90x90cm, 2009

About the Artists

Kim had participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Canada and Singapore. He has a strong background in architecture & design. This is his second solo exhibition held in Singapore. Kim has spent the last eight years balancing his commitments to the “serious” corporate world and his deep compulsion to paint.

This latest body of work consists of acrylic paintings on wood, with inspiration provided by East Coast Park, which Kim visits daily and which he views as his sanctuary.

Art Talk on “Creativity and Compassion”

An artist talk entitled “Creativity and Compassion” will be held in conjunction with this exhibition. It will cover the role of the artist in developing a more caring and compassionate society and will be held on Saturday 12th September 2009 Forth Gallery at 2pm.

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