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The Red Jacket by Lee Gilbert

(James Dean) Out of This World 50x52cm Mixed media on Paper

The exhibition run from 27 September  to 30 September 2009

Attendance at the exhibitions are FREE.

About the Exhibition

A Tribute to James Dean:

born 08 February 1931,

died 30 September 1955.

As in the Eagles song, “too fast to live, too young to die, bye-bye”.


James Dean, best remembered clad in jeans and tee-shirt, with a cigarette dangling from his lips, oscillates from ticklish softie to introspective tough guy throughout his three films.

 An icon of freedom, power, and mastery, the car lights up a character, such as the rebellious teenage outsider played by James Dean in the gasoline-soaked “Rebel Without a Cause”. Released a month after his fatal crash in a competition Porsche, this Oscar-winning performance captured the moral decay of American youth, critiqued ineffective parenting, and foreshadowed the growing differences between generations, a continuing trend.

 This collection is a re-interpretation of “outsider” themes from film. The work focuses on Rebel, but including others such as J.G Ballard’s “Crash!,” Guillermo Cain’s “Vanishing Point,” and Stephen King’s “Christine.”   

About the Artists

Educated in the United States and now a Singapore Permanent Resident,  Lee Gilbert  works in varied media, including painting in acrylics and oils and sculpture in precious metals, stone, and concrete. A former student of UK artist Mr. James Holdsworth of Block43 and Singapore oil painter and art teacher Mr. Wee Shoo Leong, he has participated in several exhibitions, including his solo show “Launch! – the Subculture of Speed,” at Singapore’s PanPacific Public Artspace in September 2008.

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