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Wheels and Reels by Lee Gilbert

The Heat Goes on (36 x 54) Oil and Enamel on Canvas, 2009

The exhibition run from 17 September  to 27 September 2009

Attendance at the exhibitions are FREE.

Launch 1 (20 x 24) Oil and Enamel on Canvas, 2009

About the Exhibition

Viewers around the globe will experience our Singapore GP Season 2009. Lee Gilbert translates this raw energy into painted images in his “Wheels and Reels” solo exhibition.

As a painter, he sees technology as central to our culture and as a rich subject for artistic interpretation. Popular media-both film and television-sets the automobile in a social context. Cars represent freedom, power, and mastery: racing cars represent the apex of these desires.

Lee’s semi-abstract work explores these themes, drawing on the unique properties of materials to capture complex interactions among drivers, crew, spectators and the elements of the vehicles in action.

Objects in Mirror (16 x 20) Oil and Enamel on Canvas, 2009

About the Artists

Educated in the United States and now a Singapore Permanent Resident,  Lee Gilbert  works in varied media, including painting in acrylics and oils and sculpture in precious metals, stone, and concrete. A former student of UK artist Mr. James Holdsworth of Block43 and Singapore oil painter and art teacher Mr. Wee Shoo Leong, he has participated in several exhibitions, including his solo show “Launch! – the Subculture of Speed,” at Singapore’s PanPacific Public Artspace in September 2008.


The Dance (Acrylic on Canvas) 16x 20 2009

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