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21 October 09 to 1 November 09

Regeneration-2008[1] copy

  The opening reception is on 23 October 2009 (Friday) at 7pm – 9 pm.

 About the Exhibition: 

“Teaching Diary” is Cai Qing’s (Qing Sonnenberg) experience in the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM), NTU. Since his first day at ADM, he decided to record his daily life in the school. Instead of a written diary he sketches his teaching experience. The documentation of the art class for over years will be exhibited.

It resembles the court drawing, where no photo can be taken. Sketching is the only media to transmit the mystery to public. In this way, Qing further transformes the daily life into art.


 About the Artists:

Cai Qing (Qing Sonnenberg) has been living and working as an independent artist in Europe and New York  City since 1989. In September 2007 he accepted a job offer from School of Art, Design and Media, NTU and relocated his family to Singapore.

As a contemporary artist, he uses performance, installation, video and pictures to reveal his feelings and explain his ideas. The concept in most of his art is “Observer and be observed”. He is mostly interested in people of various backgrounds in different societies. He enjoys the interaction with different people and is often inspired by them. Thus, his art is full of real life stories, such as “One Week in Hei Nan”(Performance and video, 1998), “Searching for My Uncle” (video, 2000), “Ava People Sing a New Song” (Video, 2001), “A Late Summer Morning on the Queensboro Bridge” (Video, 2001) and Peace (Performance, 2005).

 With the advances in technology, his communication with people is also shifted from the real world to the cyber space. “Sonn and His Friends” (2002) and “Soul @ Flesh” (2005) were the projects utilized the internet chatting as a platform to establish connections without identity.

 While Cai Qing remains highly productive and creative throughout these years, he also curated several important art shows with the same degree of novelty. In 1998 he has co-curated China’s first contemporary art exhibition in a private space “Trace of Existence”, where he also showed his performance “cultivating”. “Long March trough Europe” in 2005, Kassel, Germany was a collaborative efforts between several artists who utilized the “Red Army” to symbolize the revolutionary Chinese spirit in western contemporary art world. “Drift” in 2005, New York was a show dealing with homeless people and refugees. In 2006 “Dancing Across the 38th Parallel” was showing the images of North Korea in the Gallery within the New York University. “Eating” is a contemporary art group performance in Beijing, which was really focused on eating in the opening night. Recently, in 2008 he curated the “Construction before Destruction”, the last performance show in Sifo art village before it’s modernization by the local officials.

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