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Boundless Thoughts Infinite Courage

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customise a piece of art and support a social cause! Email for more details: justin@centrepiece.com.sg

The exhibition run from 3rd November 09 – 14th November 09

Imagine the zodiac sign of a crabman-oil on canvas 20 X 30 inche 2008

About the exhibition

 Boundless Thoughts, Infinite Courage dwells on ordinary and not-so ordinary people with heroic qualities such as the likes of the intrepid freedom fighter, the late President Corazon Aquino who served as a catalyst in moulding Philippine History. She’s metaphorically represented in “The Little Drummer Girl”, which is the artist’s core painting. Armed with an enormous desire for political reform, intense determination and tremendous courage, she led the bloodless People Power Revolution in 1986 and restored democracy in the country. For this reason that we admire and respect these present day heroes who pull disadvantaged people through their wretchedness and destitutions.

The artworks presented in the exhibition recognize and celebrate heroes’ lives, their positive contributions and the adversities they had successfully overcome. The symbolic representation of those unsung heroes who lead normal lives but have got insurmountable willpower to succeed and learn more about themselves are also the main focal points of the images on display. These so-called heroes demonstrated and confirmed to us that impossible were indeed possible. It’s through their selfless thinking and concerted effort that the quality of life improves. Their congregated actions with the infusion of technology are substantial ingredients to society’s development. The artist believes that a country advances as more and more new breed of heroes are created. Moreover, Jonathan Racimo further restates that there’s an untapped hero inside of us and we become heroes when we stop thinking less for ourselves and more for our country.

 The Lechonero   watercolor on paper 22.14 X 29.34 inches 2009

About the Artist

Jonathan T. Racimo is an award-winning, multi-faceted artist who specializes in figurative art. He’s an animator, an illustrator and a painter in the Philippines. He obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Santo Tomas in 1994. He has participated in various exhibitions in the Philippines and has won numerous awards and recognitions from Art Association of the Philippines (AAP), Instituto Cervantes de Manila, Shell National Painting Competition and twice at Metrobank Young Painters Annual Competition, both as a finalist and honourable mention. Most of his artworks are being collected by the founder and chairman of Metrobank Philippines, Dr. George S.K. Ty, PLDT IS Operations Support Manager Cirilo Alberto Lim, US collectors and other private individuals. Presently, he is also a contributing artist to the Wonder Woman Day, an annual art show and silent auction benefitting victims of domestic violence and dedicated to supporting survivors of social justice. Boundless Thoughts, Infinite Courage is Jonathan’s first solo exhibition in Singapore.

Follow the leader   watercolor on paper 22.14 X 29.34 inches 2009

Supported by : www.centrepiece.com.sg 



customise a piece of art and support a social cause!

 Email for more details: justin@centrepiece.com.sg